RuBY Winfred X RuBY Arthur 

DOB: 5/14/2020

(F) Tilly  - Keeping
(M) Paul - Reserved Lynnae
Silvermane Blaze
(M) Luis - Reserved Maja
(F) Emma - Reserved Rachelle
Silvermane w/headspot
(M) Finn- Reserved Nadia
Silvermane w/Headspot
(F) Emily - Keeping
(F) Sofia - Reserved Kori
Badger Blaze
(F) Clara -Reserved Katie
Silvermane w/headspot
(M) Noah - Reserved Karen
Black Silvermane w/headspot
(M) Hew - Reserved Lynnae
Badger Blaze
Hew means heart.. has a heart on his bum :)
(M) Ben - Reserved Jenette R
Black Silvermane
(M) Jonas - Reserved Jenette R
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